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Binh D And also facebook.com/martaarmy
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David E atltransit: Regional Transit through Better Information
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  • If someone has a terrible experience using transit the first time, they aren't very likely to use it again.
  • Yes, transit is fragmented. How do we solve it?
  • Approaches:
  1. Policy/legislation
  1. Data/technology
  • Three phased approach
  1. Regional open data
  1. Regional tools
  1. Regional products
  • Regional Transit Committee customer experience
  • Awareness: Regional transit marketing
  • Trip planning: ATLTransit.org
  • Real time info: One Bus Away or other apps
  • Wayfinding: Regional bus stop signage
  • Fare payment: Regional transit fare payment
  • Regional bus stop signage
  • Working together is not easy, but it's far better than working separately
Feedback for website
  • Multi-modal mode? Know if you can take your bike on the bus or if there is somewhere to park it.
  • Looks similar to trip planning sites: makes it easy to use
Q: Have you thought about having an electronic sign for bus stop instead of QR code & stop number?
A: Yes, that is a higher tier option.
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David E Using Technology to Enhance Rider Experience on MARTA
Shawn T Ming Hsi & Torrey Kirby
Technology Trends:
  1. Mobile app
  1. See & Say
  1. On the Go
  1. Ticketing App (under development)
  1. Analytics
  1. Business intelligence
  1. 4G Mobile
  1. Buses are connected: CCTV, fare payment, real-time location, yard management
  1. Wi-fi service on buses (50 buses launched August 24)
  1. Cellular & wi-fi in stations
  1. 3 stations (Five Points, P'tree Center, Dome) pilot targeted to start in January 2016
Q: Train real-time data vs buses
A: Rail data is still radio-based. Cellular and wi-fi in the tunnels will improve real-time
One Bus Away and official MARTA app provide different functionality
A: Adding train info has slowed bus app improvements. Updates are coming soon.
Q: NFC or optical for upcoming payment system?
A: 2D barcode at first. Better service and lower cost. Transfers are complex.
BLE & RFID might happen at one point: could remove gates and move people into and out of stations faster when events are happening.
Q: Are there plans to have an app for paratransit users?
A: Plans to let users know when their bus is coming; working on enhancing website for scheduling and cancellations. Next stage is scheduling over mobile.
Q: Can you tell in the app if elevators are out?
A: Notifications are shown in the app and website. Also working on notifications that will display on the signs in stations.
Q: How often is bus data pushed?
A: Bus feed is pushed from the bus every 2 minutes. 4G network will increase frequency to closer to 2 seconds.
Q: Is there a plan to put new signs in stations that don't have them?
A: The signs don't belong to MARTA. Supposedly, the marketing director of the company made a decision about which stations to install the new signs.  A study has been conducted for recommendations for signage. Entrance signs are more effective than platform signs.
Q: What kind of wayfinding improvements might be coming?
A: 3D maps are being considered. Exit numbering would help too.
Q: Are there opportunities for end users to provide info to MARTA about things (e.g. signs being out)?
A: Call MARTA or use app feedback system
Q: How can we get our hands on MARTA data?
A: MARTA supplies data to researchers.
Follow up: Does MARTA have a trusted researcher program?
A: There can be privacy issues, but data can be anonymized. MARTA appreciates research help.
Q: With 2D barcode, do you have to tap out?
A: Yes; that's how the gates are designed. Some readers allow you to use multiple types
Idea: Only let people park for free if they ride MARTA. Validate with Breeze card or app to get free parking after riding.
A: This is being considered.
Idea: App that tells you when to pull the cord for your bus stop, so you don't worry about pulling it too early.
Branden S MARTA is planning a hackathon for developers; date to be announced
808 days ago
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David E What do Cities Need for Freight?
Suman N
  • Airports
  • Ports 
  • Warehouses 
  • Automated Guided Vehicles 
  • solutions:
  • reliability?
  • truck-only toll lanes
  • congestion reduction
  • drones
  • rail capacity
  • Funding?
  • Gas Tax increase 
  • Direct User Funding 
  • E-Commerce 
  • Will it reduce density? is it bad?
  • how to maintain local roads?
  • Dis-amenities?
  • Alternative Fuels 
  • Will Truck Technology Improve?
  • Mandatory Truck Skirts 
  • Autonomous Trucks Safer?
  • Economic Development   
  • Should Economic dev't agencies provide incentives 
  • Logistics clusters 
808 days ago
Luigi R Define Accessibility
  • How efficient are transportation systems at getting us to the destination of our choice
Suman N Types of Metrics: 
  • Based on Travel Time
Mathilde P
  • Car vs. non-car travel times
  • Accessibility to destinations
  • To jobs
  • Healthcare access
Luigi R
  • Comprehensive Accessibility Scoring
Mathilde P
  • Who are you serving
Luigi R
  • Disabilities - sidewalk quality
  • Income levels
Suman N
  • Walk Score - Walkability Analysis
Luigi R Walkability
  • Sidewalks
Candler V
  • Landscape - Street trees
Luigi R
  • Road separation
  • Closing sidewalks (& bike lanes) for construction, events
  • Traffic and traffic speeds, lane width
  • Street lighting, safety features
  • Crosswalks
Branden S
  • priority signaling for pedestrians
Luigi R
  • block size
Candler V
  • # of lanes, width of lanes
Branden S Trip Modeling
  • How to model headways for transit routes?
  • Assume half of the headway at the beginning of the trip
Mathilde P Links from Matt
  • Fill in later here pretty please :)
808 days ago
Unfiled. Edited by David Emory , Shawn Mollie Taylor , Sara Cheshire 808 days ago
David E Design Brand of MARTA
Shawn T Liu Yang
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  • Streets used to be more shared among modes (e.g. pedestrians & streetcars).
  • Wayfinding icons for subways - Lance Wyman
  • Hong Kong has worked with commercial developers and takes a cut of future sales - the only profitable transit system 
  • Nudging people toward a direction
  • And having more places to hang out in/near stations
  • Reinventing malls as civic centers and schools
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